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Watch the Oregon Art Beat video about my book excavations:


Current Gallery Representation


Laura Russo Gallert, Portland, OR


23 Sandy Gallery, Portland, OR


Seager Gray Gallery, Mill Valley, CA­



Exhibition Links


"Bound and Beyond: Structure In Book Art",

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Union Art Gallery, 2014


"Petits Tableaux", Winston Wachter Fine Art, 2012­tableaux/


Bellevue Arts Museum, "The Book Borrowers"



More Gallery Links


Artsy ­­allen


Guardino Gallery ­


Red Truck ­


Outerlands Gallery ­­2/james­allen/



Press Links


Jim Clark, "Undercover Stories: The Secret Lives of Books", Issaquah 360, February, 2014­stories­the­secret­lives­of­books/


Art Source Portland, Cover Art, 2014


Huffington Post, PHOTOS: 7 Stunning Pieces of Book Art, 2013­made­from­books­_n_3790510.html


New Republic, Eleven Astonishing Works of Art Made From Books, August 13, 2013­astonishing­works­art­made­books


Maria Popova, Carving Culture: Sculptural Masterpieces Made from Old Books, 2013­made­from­books/


Chronicle Books, "Art Made From Books: Altered Sculpted, Carved, Transformed", 2013­the­design­desk­art­and­books­a­fitting­combination/


Nancy Worssam, "Dress Envy is About What Women Wear", Seattle Times, March 25, 2010


Michael Lieberman, "Book Sculptors at BAM" Book Patrol, June 2, 2009­sculptors­at­bam/


Jonathan Shipley, "Breaking Books Open", City Arts, March 2009­0/breaking­books­open


Michael Upchurch, "'The Book Borrowers: Contemporary Artists Transforming the Book,' at BAM", Seattle Times, February 27, 2009


Beth Carswell, "The Book Borrowers Exhibit at the Bellevue Arts Museum",abe books blog, June 2, 2009­book­borrowers­exhibit­at­the­bellevue­arts­museum/


Laura Grey, "Book Borrowers", April 19, 2009­borrowers.html


Laura Heyenga, "Art Made From Books", 2013­made­from­books.html


Inspiration Green, Reuse of Books = Art­from­old­books.html



Public Collections


Ringling College of Art and Design Kimbrough Library Special Collections­student­life/campus/kimbrough­library/


UCLA Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library Special Collections­special­collections­medicine­sciences­biomedical­library


Johns Hopkins University Milton S Eisenhower Library


University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Special Collections Library ­


University of Colorado Boulder Special Collections Library



More Links


Regional Arts and Culture Council ­


Artist Trust Profile ­­winners/artist­profile/james_allen


Strikeforce Design ­


Holly Feral Photography ­


Driftwood Magazine ­

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